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About Facial Skin Care

Facial Skin care Your skin type will tell you which type of facial skin care you should go for. After a certain age, this   care is very necessary to make the face look younger, radiant and vibrant.

Facial skin care :

1. For oily skin – two times (minimum) a day, wash your face with a medicated cleanser. Pat your face dry and use a toner.
2. For dry skin – two to three times a day , wash your face with a very mild cleanser. Pat your face lightly to dry and apply some oil-free moisturizer (with sunscreen would be better).
3. For normal skin – two times a day, wash your face with a mild cleanser. After patting your face dry, use a moisturizer. If you do not get any result from the moisturizer, stop using it. Actually, very few people are lucky to get normal skin!
4. For combination skin – oily T-zone but cheek, neck and eye area are dry – two times a day, wash your face with either milky or exfoliating cleanser. Thereafter, apply toner that is alcohol free to the T-zone and oil-free moisturizer to the dry areas.

It is very essential to take facial skin care; otherwise, you will end up with loose skin and wrinkles in no time.

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