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Best Anti Aging Ingredients

vitamin C

Gone are the days when women upon the first apparent signs of aging become overly sensitive and anxious. Though, vast selections of beauty care solutions that retard or diminish facial wrinkles swarm the market today, consumers have become wiser because of the given advantage to obtain relevant information needed in sensibly comparing different formulations and finally opt for a product that best suit individual skin type.

Women or men, in their 30’s, start to notice some wrinkles on their faces especially around the eyes.  In fact, the characteristics of the facial skin starts to change at this age  and the dermal collagen and elastin starts to decrease. Other causes can amplify the appearance of the wrinkles such as external conditions like constant vulnerability to solar rays, nicotine, pollutants and other subtle noxious substances in the environment.

Benefits of anti aging creams:

  • Fight against the sings of aging and remove fine lines
  • Supply proper nutrition to the skin to get rid of the wrinkles and dark spots and to help regain younger look.
  • Re-establish the elasticity and softness of the skin: elasticity refers to the stretching capability of the skin which gets lower while getting older. Softness means that the skin is completely free from lines, wrinkles and spots. 


Here are the basic ingredients found in the best anti aging creams:

    • Kinetin: This ingredient is well known for providing wrinkle free skin and reducing the pigmentation. It also helps the skin to regain its moisture and stimulates the production of collagen.
    • Copper peptides: It improves wound healing and promotes the action of anti oxidants which help to gain healthy skin much faster.
    • Green tea Extract: Green tea consist of polyphenols in great concentration which fights against free radicals. It is recognized for protecting the skin from skin cancer and slows down the signs of aging.
    • Hydroxy Acids: This ingredient helps in removing dead skin cells. Dead cells usually harm the healthy cells and produces dark spots. Hydroxy Acid also promotes the growing of new skin cells.
    • Retinol: it is basically Vitamin A compound which is used in non-prescriptive creams . As studies have proven that Vitamin A is best for reducing lines of wrinkles. Retinol is basically preferred to improve skin tone and to glow skin color.  It also fights against irregular pigmentation, which is one of the frequent problems faced by the people. While using Retinol based products, people should put on moisturizer to avoid dry skin.
    • Vitamin C:  It essentially excites the production of collagen which ultimately improves skin cell.
    • CoEzyme Q-10:  CoQ10 is produced naturally in the body and gets slow down while aging. It is known for its reduction of wrinkles around the eyes.
    • Acai Oil:  It is basically the oil which is extracted from the fruit called  berries.  Acai oil is well known for fighting against sun damage and providing smooth skin.
    • Alpha-Liphoic Acid: This ingredient is produced from the body itself through every cell. It is known for erasing fine wrinkles of the skin.

The main priority of anti aging treatment is to achieve younger looking skin. But, a  skin care regimen of washing, cleansing and moisturizing the face will help  to retain youthful looking skin you in a long run.




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