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How To Tighten That Loose Skin?

Sagging skin is primarily caused by skin losing its elasticity.  Less elasticity will mean a losing fight against gravity.  And if the face has a high fat content, there is more for gravity to pull, making the sagging worse.  Lessening facial fat can help minimize sagging, and there is no better way to do that than to do facial exercises.

Is it true that facial exercises tighten sagging skin?  Yes.  It’s scientifically proven that facial exercises tighten sagging skin.  And the best facial muscles to firm up are the jaw muscles, as these majorly support the face.  The best exercise that can be done for the jaw is to pull and stretch the muscles around it.  Firming these muscles is a great anti aging solution.

A practical exercise one could do to stretch the jaw is to kiss.  Make it a habit to give your loved ones a long kiss on the cheek or the lips everyday.  When you pucker your lips and hold it that way for a few seconds, your jaw muscles tense up.  This is a sign that they’re being exercised.  Another casual thing you could do to strengthen your jaw muscles is to talk.  Talking exercises the jaw immensely.  You can take this to another level by adding to your regular talking habits.  Do this by reading aloud your favorite novel, or talking to your pets when at home.  One more thing you could do that’s very inconspicuous is to simply chew a piece of gum.  Just make sure the gum you chew is sugar free to avoid further calorie intake.

Facial exercises are good anti aging activities. Moreover, they are the most affordable anti aging solutions because they’re free. Incorporating them into your everyday life will ensure that you’ll always have the face you want.

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