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Natural Oily Skin Care

Natural oily skin care It is advisable to use natural oily skin care products to treat oily skin. This type of skin is prone to pimples and acne and the over active sebaceous glands secrete excess oil that make the skin more greasy. Synthetic cosmetic skin care products contain chemicals that aggravate the oily skin problem. It could cause rashes, pimples and skin allergies.

Natural oily skin care products types

Natural oily skin care can include organic cleansers and cosmetics, ayurvedic treatments, raw fruits and herbs or homemade soaps and facial masks. Likewise, organic treatment for oily skin is effective with lavender water and ingredients like chamomile and thyme. All these natural ingredients control the excess oil produced by the sebaceous glands.

natural oily skin care tips

Treat your oily skin naturally with regular facial and body steam or sauna few times a week or once in a day. Apply a facial mask made of fuller’s earth, sandalwood powder, honey and sit in the sauna or steam bath. After the mask dries, wash away with cold water. Easy natural oily skin care tips would include cleansing the face with milk of magnesia, applying clay masks, fresh fruit masks and lemon juice.

Natural oily skin care need not be expensive and can be treated with fruits and natural herbs found at home. Cucumber, tomatoes, cold water and Aloe Vera also work well to treat oily skin naturally. You can also order natural oily skin care products online for discounted prices. Use soft wipes for gently wiping away dirt from the oily skin to prevent grime and acne. Natural oily skin care is not a complex process and requires few minutes in a day to keep your face fresh and glowing.

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