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Omega 3 can help with younger looking skin

Ever thought of using Omega 3 for the purpose of skin care?  Omega 3 is produced from a combination of two fatty acids, DHA and EPA.  It is contained in foods such as olive oil and winter squash and has an array of benefits for the human body.  Studies show that proper intake of Omega 3 can result into anti aging benefits.

Based on independent research, fatty acids are actually very effective for anti aging.  Omega 3 maintains the structure and fluidity of the cell membrane to regulate proper circulation of nutrients in the cell.  Omega 3 is a component that is not naturally occurring in the body, but can be ingested as a daily supplement and in one’s diet.  Foods that have high Omega 3 content are oily seafood such as trout, sardines, salmon and tuna.  The primary component of oily fish that has Omega 3 is the fish’s liver oil.

Aside from eating food with Omega 3 content, Omega 3 fish oil capsules can do the trick.  This is readily available in pharmacies and health supplement stores.  Omega 3 works especially well when its ratio with another fatty acid, Omega 6, is 4:1. Too much Omega 6 will make the risk of heart attack greater.  It also induces allergies and asthma.

Not only is Omega 3 a good anti aging agent, but it also is beneficial to one’s health.  Benefits of Omega 3 intake are reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes, osteoporosis, arthritis, inflammation and even cancer.  Moreover, a person taking Omega 3 supplements would feel better as the body functions better.

One can definitely opt for Omega 3 to get younger-looking skin and a healthier body.  Someone who takes Omega 3 supplements regularly will not only have great skin, but also well-functioning organs and a sharper mind.

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