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Rosa Essential Oil Uses and Side Effects

Rosa essential oil has been used for the past 1000 years and it is one of the most well known essential oil  used in aromatherapy. Rosa essential oil is Solvent Extracted mostly extracted from a  flower called “Rosa centifolia” or “Rosa samscena” flowers which were used in cosmetic, medicines and perfums by ancient Greeks, Roman and Arab countries for hundreds of years.

Rosa essential oil formulation

Rosa essential oilcould be extremely strong or very mild related to the strength of the formula.  It mainly contains Citronellols, Geraniols, Nerols, Farnesols, Esters, Limonenes, Myrcenes, Pinenes, Rose Oxide.  It could be dilated or higly concentrated based on the case as the formula differs from a person to the other.

Rosa essential oil Properties

Rosa essential oil is very effective for either male or female with oily skin. When it is applied on the skin,  it reduces sebums production as it limits breakout associated with oily skin. It  is considered as anti viral and anti infectious oil that helps in healing wounds.

Rosa essential oil uses

Rosa oil has multiple uses: It  helps in treating insomnia, depressions, dermatitis, stress. It also helps relieve the pain encoutered during labor and regulates and balances women menstrual cycle as it has anti viral and anti infectious properties. Rosa essential oil must be diluted for avoiding any serious skin irritations.

Rosa essential oil Side effects

Rose essential oil is a very safe product to use as it passed all safety tests in Europe and United states  with mainly no or minimal side effects. That being said,  for pregnant women, people with epileptic seizers, hepatic failure, carcinoma or any serious disease, Rosa oil should be  used with the proper guidance of a good aromatherapy expert.


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