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Acne Skin Care – Tips and Tricks

Acne skin care Knowing the different methods to take care of your skin, can help to cut down drastically acne skin breakouts. Most people do not have a big problem and only have to deal with occasional break outs. With others, it can be a constant recurring problem. In both cases there are ways to decrease the breaking out of acne when proper steps are taken.

Acne skin care tips

The fist thing that needs to be done is to be as gentle as possible with the acne skin. Washing your face with warm water as often as you can is a good start. It is not good to do vigorous washing and to use skin care products that are too harsh. If you are going to use skin creams, then it is best to use mild ones in the beginning and work your way up to stronger creams.

When using cosmetic products, it is always better to use water based products. The label should read “water-based” or “non-comedogenic”. The reason for this is that clogged pores are a major cause for acne skin breakouts; a non-comedogenic product will not clog the pores. Another major cause for acne is too much exposure to sunlight. Sunlight can aggravate the problem by heating up the skin which will make it produce more oil and oily skin as everybody knows, can cause acne.

When using sunscreen, it should be a non comedogenic based product. Otherwise, as mentioned before, it will clog the skin and create more problems than it will solve. Using tanning beds and tanning booths should be avoided as these methods can induce more acne skin problems. Last but not least, use as little make up as possible because most cosmetic products make the skin oily or clog the pores and this is the number one cause of acne skin issues.

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